6400 Inline Notcher

The Pendu 6400 Inline Notcher works inline after the cut-off saw, and before the gang saw, to eliminate additional labor and handling. The 6400 features hydraulically adjustable 9″ notch cutter heads that can move both horizontally and vertically. In addition, because the cutter heads are positioned overhead, set up and maintenance are amazingly easy. The 6400 Inline Notcher also features 2 1/4″ diameter arbors, a 10′ powered infeed, and standard hydraulic valve center.

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Pendu 6400 Inline Notcher

6700P Stringer Notcher

The Pendu model 6700P Stringer Notcher features rugged components and fully adjustable 9″ wide notch cutters. Driven by powerful 30 HP TEFC motors, the cutter heads are mounted overhead for increased ease in maintenance and adjustment. Notching the stringer from the top also provides a more stable stringer when used with the Pendu 4600N stacker. The 6700P also features 2 1/4″ cantilevered arbors and 12″ indexable carbide tip cutter heads. For inline use choose the Pendu 6700P Stringer Notcher.

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Pendu 6700P Stringer Notcher