Pendu Sharp Chain Scragg Mill


Overview and Features

The Pendu Model Sharp Chain Scragg Mill efficiently turns raw logs into usable two-sided cants for further processing. Able to handle logs in diameters of 6″ up to 18″, the 48″ saws are powered by up to 125 hp per arbor. Constructed of welded, heavy-duty tubular steel, the Sharp Chain Scragg comes with replaceable slides and guides on shifters. For precision, 8 5/8″ fluted turning and positioning rolls move both forward and reverse, as well as up and down. Options include lasere lights, set works, operator cab, infeed log deck with log stop and loader and various outfeed or tailing systems.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 6″ to 18″ diameter logs
Length: Up to 15′ lengths
Sawblades: 48″
Arbor: Two independent 2 4/16″
Arbor Motors: Up to 125 HP TEFC electric
Saw Collars: 8″
Slab Belts: One 12″ belt on either side