Pendu 1000 Series Board Edger


Overview and Features

The Pendu 1000 Series Edger is available in almost any custom configuration and option you want to handle the widest variety of material sizes. The 1000 Series machines are available with a single bay set-up or combo split bay set-up. All are designed with single panel access – simply lift the top cover to access saws or the side panel to access the 4” diameter arbors. Pendu Edgers are the most flexible, efficient edgers on the market today.

Product Specifications

Board Thickness: 1″ to 10.5″ depth
Board Length: 84″ minimum
Board Width: 3″ minimum
Pressure Rolls: Two 8.5″ diameter
Feed Rolls: Four 6.5″ diameter
Feed Drive/Feed Rate: Built to spec
Infeed Table: Built to spec