Pendu 1400 Drill Station


Overview and Features

Designed and manufactured primarily for the log home industry but also an efficient solution for drilling railway crossties, Pendu Model 1400 Drill Stations are manufactured as a single drill head or as multiple heads in-line. Each unit comes complete with powered rollcase, featuring 14″ wide machined rolls, hydraulic clamps, and a bottom waste removal auger. Units can be custom configured for vertical and/or horizontal drilling. For increased productivity, optional equipment includes computerized stops, drill guides and counter bore drills.

Product Specifications

Length: 5′ to 20′ with powered rollcase
Material: 30″ minimum material length
Drill Unit: 2 HP TEFC motor with starter
Vertical Travel: 14″
Horizontal Travel: 7″
Center Line: 3 3/4″ minimum from end of log, 7 1/2″ minimum between drill units
Drill Bits Per Unit: One
Bottom Waste Removal Auger: Standard