Pendu 1800 Slab Recovery


Overview and Features

The Pendu 1800 Slab Recovery unit allows you to reclaim 4″ or 6″ boards from the slabs created from your scragg mill. Each machine features two edger blades at the infeed and one or two vertically mounted arbors with two or three saw blades at the outfeed. Individual models are available to handle slabs up to 16′ long by 20″ wide by 6″ thick. Standard equipment includes an operator console control and a variable speed feed system.

Product Specifications

Slab Capacity: 6’ L x 14″ W x 6″ Thick / cuts up to 4″ wide boards
Vertical Edger: Two 16″ diameter blades / two 15 HP motors
Horizontal Arbor: Three sawblades, one 40 HP motor
Variable Speed Rate: Up to 120 FPM
Control Panel: Standard
Hydraulic Feed System: Fully adjustable
Sawdust Control: Belting and panning