Pendu 2400 Cutoff Saw


Overview and Features

The Pendu Model 2400 Cut-Off Saw can be installed as either an independent unit or as part of a complete system. The 2400 has the capability to turn, end trim, cut to length and/or reject any undesired blocks, all with a single operator using a single console. Features include an accurate 28” diameter carbide tipped saw blade, powerful 20 HP TEFC arbor motor, heavy-duty clamps and powered 6 ft. rollcase with 14” rolls. With the 2400, you get the precision you need without sacrificing speed.

Product Specifications

Cutting Capacity: 9″ x 12″ Lengths
Minimum Length Material: 24″
Sawblade: 28″ Diameter ATB Carbide Tipped
Sawblade Bore Diameter: 1 3/8″
Arbor Motor: 20 HP TEFC
Powered Rollcase: 6′ x 14″ Rolls
Control Station: Remote
Hydraulic Valve Center: Standard