Pendu 2400C3 Cutoff Saw


Overview and Features

The Pendu Model 2400C3 Cut-Off Saw brings a new level of automation to your cut-up operations. Completely programmable through a 10″ touch screen, the operator can input a repeatable front-end trim and up to four preset lengths. The servo-driven 80 lb. sharp top chain continuously feeds cants to programmed lengths without the need for expensive set works. Integrated options include auto cant turner and auto reject. If you’re looking to improve the throughput of your current cut-off, the Pendu 2400C3 is exactly what your looking for.

Product Specifications

Cutting Capacity: 7″ x 13″ Lengths
Minimum Length Material: 24″
Sawblade: 26″ Diameter Carbide Tipped
Arbor Motor: 30 HP TEFC
Feed System: Servo-driven #80 Sharp Top Chain Independent Infeed/Outfeed Clamp/Drive
Control Station: 10″ Touch Screen with Manual Override Programmable Cut Length Input