Pendu 2500 Cutoff Saw


Overview and Features

The Pendu Model 2500 Cutoff Saw is the more powerful upgrade of our Model 2400 Cutoff. Able to handle logs and cants up to 12” x 12” can be installed as either an independent unit or as part of a complete system. The 2500 has the capability to turn, end trim, cut to length and/or reject any undesired blocks, all with a single operator using a single console.

Product Specifications

Cutting Capacity: 12″ x 12″
Minimum Length Material: 24″
Sawblade: 36″ Diameter ATB Carbide Tipped
Sawblade Bore Diameter: 1 3/8″
Arbor Motor: 30HP TEFC
Powered Rollcase: 10′ x 24″ Rolls
Holding Clamps: Two Sets of Heavy Duty Hydraulic
Hydraulic Valve Center: Standard