Pendu 3000E Gang Edger


Overview and Features

The 3000E single arbor gang saw is designed to handle your MRR & S4S lumber up to 2 1/2 inches in thickness and up to 24 inches wide. The 3000E will rip through boards quickly allowing you to increase your production. The machine can be equipped with the optional top sizer head for sizing material for thickness (top sizer head shown in above photo). The 3000E can be set up to run fixed width and random width material.

Product Specifications

Material Height: Up to 2 1/2″
Material Width: 12″ or 24″
Material Length: 28″ – 72″
Feed Speed: Up to 200 FPM
Arbors: 2 3/8” diam., 50 – 100HP
Feed Drive: Hydraulic or electric
Inboard Sizing Head: Optional, 30 – 50 HP
Top Press Rolls: Driven, manually adjusted
Bottom Feed Rolls: Driven