Pendu 3800C Chisel Pointer


Overview and Features

If you manufacture chisel-pointed stakes, the Pendu Model 3800C is designed and engineered with you in mind. The 3800C can handle material 12″ to 48″ long by 1/2″ up to 4″ at rates up to 2,800 pieces per hour (2″ x 4″ material). Simply load the magazine and the Model 3800C goes to work. The cam drive pushes the material through the twin blades producing a smooth, clean chisel point on each piece. For convenience, waste is delivered to an inclined 18″ wide conveyor. Options include an end trim blade to cut stakes to desired length. If you’re serious about efficiently manufacturing stakes, The Model 3800C is built for you.

Product Specifications

Material Capacity: 1/2″ up to 4″ / 12″ to 48″ long
Elevator: Hydraulic Elevator Drive (Optional)
Magazine Infeed: Standard
Material Hold Downs: Pneumatic
Cam Drive Pusher: 3 HP TEFC Electric Motor
Chisel Point Blades: Two 5 HP TEFC Electric Motors
Waste Belt: 18″ Wide incline type with 1/2 HP electric drive