Pendu 4600BS Board Stacker


Overview and Features

Pendu 4600BS Stackers have proven themselves in real world installation to deliver dramatic increases in productivity. Designed to efficiently stack boards at rates up to 6,000 boards per hour, the 4600BS produces stacks up to 48″ wide by 50″ high by 72″ long. And every 4600BS comes with the features you want, like a control panel with manual override, variable feed speed, heavy duty frame construction and safety shields.

Product Specifications

Stack Rate: Up to 6,000 boards per hour
Stack Size: up to 48″ wide, 50″ high, and 72″ long
Stack Lengths: 28″ to 72″
Board Sizes: 3/8″ x 3 1/2″ to 2″ x 6″
Motors: Hydraulic Powered
Mode: Automatic or manual
Speed: Variable feed speed