Pendu 4600E Board Stacker


Overview and Features

Designed and manufactured to work inline behind gang resaws and band saws, Pendu Model 4600E stackers improve productivity and reduce labor costs. Able to handle boards from 1/4″ to 2 1/2″ to cants up to 6″ x 8″ at stack rates of up to 4,000 boards per hour, the Model 4600E will improve the efficiency of your current cut-up line. And because its constructed of rugged components Model 4600E stackers have a long life-cycle to deliver the highest return on your investment dollar.

Product Specifications

Stack Rate: Up to 4,000 boards per hour
Stack Size: up to 48″ wide, 50″ high, and 96″ long
Stack Lengths: 24″ to 96″
Board Sizes: 1/4″ to 2 1/2″ boards to 6″ x 8″ cants
Motors and Cylinders: Hydraulic powered
Mode: Automatic or manual
Speed: Variable feed speed