Pendu 550 Sizer Multiple Resaw


Overview and Features

The Pendu 550 Sizer Multiple Resaw will produce uniformly-thick cants and boards from nominal mill run stock to accommodate today’s autmatic nailing and assembly equipment. This 21″ wide, single bay, double arbor machine can be used as a double bay resaw when similar height material is fed through both bays. It comes equipped with a 12″ wide sizer head which can remove up to 3/4″ of material per pass under normal conditions with a standard feed speed of 50 fpm.

Product Specifications

Weight (less motors): 6200 lbs.
Maximum Depth Cut: 6-1/4″ depth cut
Max Width Material: 21″
Min. Length Material: 32″
Strob Saw Size: 14″ blade
Max. Number Saws/Arbor: 12 blades per arbor max.
Sizer Head Width: 12″