Pendu 821 Gang Saw


Overview and Features

The Pendu 612 / 621 sizer gang features 2-in-1 indexable insert carbide cutters in each sizer head knife providing 2 cutting surfaces which can be used before replacement is necessary. Air over hydraulic lift press rolls automatically set press roll height to thickness of cant being cut for true random processing. Each set of (2) press rolls are independent from the other press roll sets to provide more positive feed of material through sizer and saws. No manual height settings for press rolls means safer operation. Smoother and more positive feed reduces scalloping or waves in the finished cut. The hydraulic feed drive assembly means infinitely variable feed speed selection for smooth cutting and longer saw life.

Product Specifications

Maximum Depth Cut: 6 1/4”
Max. Width Material: 10 1/2″
Min. Length Material: 32″
Strobe Saw Size: 14″ blade
Sizer Head Width: 12″
Power Req.: 75-200 HP each arbor
Min. Material Height: 1 1/2″
Min. Sizing Height: 1 1/2″
Max. Sizing height: 6 1/4″