Pendu 800 Series Board Edger


Overview and Features

Increase production with the 8″ Model 800 Series Edgers. Available in 32″ up to 60″ widths, each is a combination of both an edger and a gang saw. Model 800 units lets you edge boards and gang saw cants simultaneously with a single machine. Model 800 Series Edgers feature two independent bays, each with its own feed and press rolls and its own separate feed rate.

Product Specifications

Board Thickness: 1″ to 8 1/2″ depth
Board Length: 48″ minimum to random length
Board Width: 3″ minimum
Pressure Rolls: Two 8 1/2″ diameter live with coleman teeth
Feed Rolls: Four 6 1/2″ diameterpowered with coleman teeth
Feed Drive: Two-Speed Hydraulic with Shaft-Mounted Speed Reducer
Arbor: 4″ diameter, chromed with double keys
Kickback Fingers: Standard
Infeed Table: 10′ length, four 6″ diameter idle rolls