Pendu 821 Gang Saw


Overview and Features

Ideal for cutting large lumber for board and crane mat production, the powerful 821 Gang Saw is capable of handling material up to 8 1/4” thick and 21” wide. Two 150HP motors easily cut through thick material at variable speed rates up to 85 FPM.

Smoother and more positive feed reduces scalloping or waves in the finished cut. The hydraulic feed drive assembly means infinitely variable feed speed selection for smooth cutting and longer saw life. Sturdy steel construction ensures high quality, durability, and cutting accuracy.

Product Specifications

Cutting Capacity: Thickness: 3 1/2” to 8 1/4” – Length: 8’ to random – Width: 2” to 21”
Frame: 1“ thick side plates, tubular steel base frame assembly
Feed Rolls: Ten 4” diam. powered w/ inserted teeth with fwd and rev
Variable Feed Speed: 0-85 FPM
Motors: Two 150HP motors