Overview and Features

All Pendu Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Units are closed pressure compensated and will supply all the power necessary to keep your equipment operating smoothly and efficiently. 480 volt Across the Line Starters are available as optional equipment on all models. Standard hydraulic pressure is 1250 psi and maximum pressure is 3600psi. Heavy-duty construction with thermostat, heater, and cooler standard on 1015, 1030, 1030D, and 1045 models.

Product Specifications

1010 1015 1030 1045
GPM Pump 10 15 30 45
Tank (Gallon) 20 60 60 150
HP / Motor 7.5 TEFC 15 TEFC 30 ODP 40 ODP
1 1/4″ Connect
Hose Kit
N/A Standard Standard Standard
Check Valve N/A Standard Standard Standard
Dump Valve N/A Standard Standard Standard