Pendu Circular Line Bar


Overview and Features

The Pendu Circular Line Bar is a multi-saw, double arbor system that performs three different functions — automatically self centers split edged boards or cants up to 8″ cross section using one to three saws, resaws single boards thicker than 3/8″ and cants up to 8″ x 8″ in cross section, or reclaim from one to three boards per pass from edged heavy slabs typical of those produced on scragg mills.

Product Specifications

Board Thickness: 3″ min to 8 1/4″ max
Board Length: 32″ min to random length
Board Width: 1/2″ min to 8″ max
Feed Rate: 50-150 FPM (variable)
Motor: 1 1/2 HP 3 PH TEFC
Arbor: 3″ diameter special alloy
Motor: (2) 40 HP 3PH TEFC