Pendu High Speed Splitter Saw


Overview and Features

Center split boards at variable speeds up to 400 LFPM! Pendu’s High Speed Splitter Saw handles boards from 1” to 3” wide with 3 1/2” to 6” heights and can be adjusted to run both hard and soft wood. Two 75 HP electric motors power boards through hardened and chromed rollers and the High Speed Splitter Saw is built to last with 3/4” thick steel box frame construction.

Product Specifications

Feed Speed: Variable, up to 400 LFPM
Board Width: 1″ – 3″
Board Height: 3 1/2″ to 6″
Motors: (2) 75 HP Electric Motors
Construction: 3/4″ Thick Steel Box Frame
Rolls: Hardened and Chromed