6600 Trim Saw

Originally designed and manufactured to work inline with our 6800 and 6900 Scragg Mills, the Pendu 6600 two headed trim saw is the easy, efficient way to cut cants to length. Dual saw heads, one stationary and one adjustable, driven by powerful 15 HP electric motors power through material up to 6″ (10″ Opt.) in depth. The adjustable head will cut cants from 28″ up to 72″ (120″ Opt.) in Length.

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Pendu 6600 Trim Saw

Multiple Saw Trimmer

Pendu heavy duty Multiple Saw Trimmers require little maintenance, give steady productive service and stand up to your toughest operations. Each ruggedly built Multiple Saw Trimmer is easily adjustable to provide you with the versatility to produce the length of boards or cants you need. In addition, Multiple Saw Trimmers are available with a variety of options for increased flexibility and higher productivity.

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Pendu Multiple Saw Trimmer