Machine Automation and Motion Control

Pendu Manufacturing uses state-of-the-art components for machine automation and control. Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers, Proface touchscreen operator interfaces, and Yaskawa servos and motion controllers. Our control engineers make sure that all Pendu machines are manufactured using the latest in proven automation and control technologies.

Pendu also provides a full line of stand-alone programming services. Pendu’s professional programmers have experience with many different PLC and HMI platforms. Whether you have a new project, or changes to an existing program, Pendu can provide programming expertise. Pendu is a Wonderware consignment partner. Let us show you how we can use Wonderware’s powerful suite of products to control an entire production line from one PC based operator station and provide connectivity to bring factory floor data into your business unit.

Pendu stands behind all programming work. Tech support is only a phone call away. Pendu automated machines are shipped with a dial-up modem and most control issues can be addressed quickly with one phone call. However, our technicians are available to provide service on-site if needed. On-site start-up assistance is available for complex control systems.

Pendu can also provide the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic portions of the equipment in collaboration with the customer programming staff during the design, shop trials, and production start-up phases.

  • PLC Programming
  • HMI Programming
  • Database Programming
  • PC Based Controls
  • SCADA Programming
  • Motion Control Programming
  • Data Collection

Pendu Programming

Pendu Programming

Pendu Programming