Pendu Railway Crosstie End Plater


Overview and Features

The Pendu Railway Crosstie End Plater is capable of applying plates to both ends of ties at a rate of ten ties per minute. The end plater automatically deals a tie, finds the ends (6’ 6” – 9’ range), squeezes any cracks out of ends (15,000 lbs each direction), issues plates (either 5″ x 6” or 6″ x 7”), and presses them on each end (70,000 lbs). The manually loaded magazine has a 36″ capacity. The machine is powered by a 75HP motor.

Product Specifications

Production: 10 ties/minute
Material: 6’ 6” – 9’
Pressure: 15,000 lbs each direction
Plate Size: 5″ x 6” or 6″ x 7” Plate Application Pressure: 70,000 lbs
Magazine Capacity: 36”
Power Unit: 75HP motor