Pendu Sling Sorter


Overview and Features

Pendu Sling Sorters automatically sort your lumber quickly and efficiently! Customization options include an unlimited number of high capacity bins and variable speed rates to fit the needs of your operation. Your graded lumber is tracked across the drag chain and automatically drops into the bin designated for its size. Sling Sorters save time, money, and manpower, and dramatically increase your production rates.

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Product Specifications

Material Length: 6’-16’ standard, other lengths available
Bins: Unlimited with slings and ‘D’ rings
Controls: Touchscreen operation
Speed: Variable
Sling Hook: Hydraulic
Sling Hook Up: Automatic
Board Dump: Hydraulic
Hydraulic Motor With Brake To Lower Bundle
4 Strand Overhead Drag Chain w/ Hydraulic Drive Motor
Computer Components and Programming