Pendu VS-1 Vertical Pallet Board Stacker


Overview and Features

The Pendu VS-1 Vertical Pallet Board Stacker is designed and manufactured to perform more work with less movement than other stackers on the market. By stacking several boards vertically before moving them into position for placement, the VS-1 increases efficiency — while minimizing the number of moving parts. With the VS-1 you get a machine that works faster, requires less maintenance and provides a higher level of reliability.

Product Specifications

Overall Dimensions: 23′ x 8’3″ x 9’3″
Maximum Board: 72″ length
Board Thickness: 1 1/2″ maximum, 3/8″ minimum
Clamp: Air operated
Power Pack: Hydraulic 20 HP (self contained)
Rate: Up to 160 flights per minute
Features: Adjustable for board length and thickness